Much larger and with a more durable battery, this variation is a lot more fitted to residence defence. The larger potential during the battery ensures that the weapon could be discharged far more instances when compared to the smaller, compact layout. Accompanying this is the fact that the electric voltage will usually be larger in addition.This st… Read More

I’m thinking about purchasing the Guard Pet flashlight stun gun for my daughter, will it unintentionally go off in her purse??Even though underneath attack, it will let you to chase away intruders and robbers proficiently. You furthermore may get a powerful rechargeable battery pack plus a vivid flashlight that works effectively outside. If you d… Read More

Classical stun guns, tasers and stun batons are the preferred self-protection products we're energized to offer you. All of these are hand-held and user friendly.  So how do they do the job?  The stun gun is usually a fairly uncomplicated battery-driven product.  The gadget features a circuit that has numerous transformers in it, the battery dri… Read More

In still A further embodiment of the invention, I provide an enhanced system for blocking locomotion by a living goal by triggering recurring involuntary contractions of skeletal muscles in the goal. The strategy involves the move of equipment. The apparatus includes a housing; a primary conducting unit for, when activated, making contact with the … Read More

To start with, put a sq. of electrical tape to include the exposed back again from the rivet (This really is many of the inside of your glove). This really is ahead of the first picture, so Will not be baffled. Only one layer.After getting the exposed wire wrapped throughout the base of the rivet, convert the glove inside out and put The underside … Read More